Selected references

The following services were tasks within digital transformation projects or independent projects.

Project and program management

Different roles: Project manager, program manager, member of the project office, informal project organisation

Strategy and implementation planning

Redesign of ICT strategy and management projects and program for implementation
Deployment of service strategy for the improvement of the ICT service management

Architecture and enterprise architecture management

Implementation of ICT architecture management and enterprise architecture management
Concept study for an ICT architecture model the implementation of scalable open source frameworks for ambulatory healthcare centres and medical group service organisations

Process and organisational management, change management

Implementation and deployment of process management for business and ICT processes
Support of the organisational change for business and ICT organisations (processes, organisational structures, policy management)

ICT implementation and software development

National implementation of an enterprise-wide international data warehouse / BI target architecture comprising a standardised, enterprise-wide business data model for regulatory reporting and risk controlling as big data solution with data lake concept
Planning and ICT project controlling for the update of an existing portfolio and risk management system

Service and outsourcing management

Improvement of the service management processes by the implementation of a new service management platform
Requirements management for a formalised software test management as quality assurance for a safety-critical system of the power plant maintenance

Personnel assessments and development

Design and rollout of a personnel development process for the planning and controlling of ICT employee qualifications
Assessment of the performance and compliance of employees regarding the process specifications and policies for business and ICT

Risk management, compliance management and governance

Integration of risk management, process management and internal control systems for business and ICT
Implementation of risk management for information security and integration into the enterprise risk management in accordance to ISO 31000, ISO 27005 and the requirements the German Banking Act, German Minimum Requirements for Risk Management Act and operational risk management (Second Basel Accord OpRisk)

Internal control systems, audits, assessments

Implementation of the internal control system / ICT general controls and lead auditor of the extended self-assessment for the Sarbanes-Oxley Act compliance check
Audit of the software development process after a merger of two banks' ICT service provider subsidiaries regarding the formal and legal compliance requirements (German Banking Act, Minimum Requirements for Risk Management Act, Principles of Orderly Accounting Systems)

Information security management and business continuity management

Preparation work for an ISO 27001 re-audit of the information security management by an external auditor
Implementation and improvement of information security management systems in accordance to ISO 27001 with subsequent certification

Expert testimonies

Expert testimony for the assessment of the appropriateness of the contractual agreement of the underlying co-operation and software licence contract and the assessment of the reasonability of the licence fees in a lawsuit
Expert testimony for the assessment of a software implementation regarding copyright infringement claims in a lawsuit

Start-up services

Consulting services for the application and raising of governmental and EU funding and funds management
Reorganisation of a start-up company from a partnership into the legal form of a limited liability company and an associated company for investments